Holiday Travel Tips to Keep Seniors Safe

Holiday traveling may be difficult for the senior citizens especially if they are not prepared for the hustle and bustle. Older adults usually get injuries from lifting and carrying overloaded baggage.Below are some helpful tips to guide seniors and their companions for the coming holidays:Buy Appropriate Bags/Luggage
Since injuries due to heavy luggage are very common, it is best if their suitcases are not fully stuffed to the brim. Injuries occur at the back, shoulder and neck, especially if older passengers have to carry their bags. It is therefore advisable to buy suitcases with handle and wheels.Pack Lightly
It has to be taken into consideration that carrying and lifting bulky luggage can extremely strain the bones, joints and muscles; therefore encourage the senior members of the family to pack lightly.According to experts here are the best tips to follow for buying, carrying and lifting luggage:
· Buy sturdy, high quality, light and easily transportable luggage, it would be best to choose those with collapsible wheels and handles.· Avoid luggage that are already bulky and heavy even when still empty.· Pack smartly. Use multiple bags in order to maximize your luggage space. Keep your delicates in one small bag and your toiletries in another, then put the small bags inside the large luggage.· Lift your luggage properly. Do not bend on your waist, but rather use your knees. Once you have lifted up the luggage, keep it close to your body for additional support.· Avoid twisting and turning when carrying your luggage. If you have to turn, point your toes in the specific direction and then turn your whole body in one movement.· Lift your luggage slowly. Take your time especially if it is heavy. If it turns out too heavy, do not hesitate to ask for assistance.· Check in heavy luggage, it is better to pay for that than risk getting injured.· As much as possible, do not carry a single heavy bag. Divide your baggage into two bags and carry two light pieces in each of your hands. That way, you create a good balance that will save your body from pains and injuries.· Ask for help when putting your luggage in the overboard compartment. If no help is available, lift the bag onto the seat first before you lift it all up towards the compartment.· If you are opting to bring a backpack, make sure the shoulder straps are properly padded and adjustable to allow for equally balanced weight. A backpack with multiple compartments is the best choice. Pack your heavier items at the bottom and place them towards the center to evenly distribute the weight. Carry your backpack as it is intended to, with both shoulders straps in use. Carrying it over one shoulder will not distribute the weight evenly and can strain your back, neck or shoulder muscles.· For duffle bags or big shoulder bags, shift the weight from one side to the other from time to time to eliminate the risk of muscle strains.Try to follow these tips and you can surely have an enjoyable holiday travel. Remember that it doesn’t matter how old you are, celebrating the holidays is for everyone.

Basic Traveling Tips Before Leaving The Country

Traveling abroad can be fun, but it can also be frustrating. Certain preparations and requirements are necessary before you are able to leave. Depending on where you are going, you are required for certain items according to airport and the country’s regulations.Here are a few basic tips that will help you make your planning go easier and your trip to be the best it can be.When traveling abroad, you must have a passport. No matter if you plan to go to Canada, Mexico, or other countries across the ocean, you simply cannot do it without a passport. It is the most important thing to carry on you and one that you’ll need to have no matter where you go. You will need your passport at the airport, the border, and even some hotels requires it. There are two different kinds of passports you can get. You will need to check your destination first so you can have the correct one.You can choose a passport book or a passport card. The most common and widely used is the passport book. The passport card is more technologically advanced since it has an RFID (radio frequency identification) chip in it. The Pro’s of using a passport card are, it’s cheaper in cost, it’s a wallet sized card, thus convenient to store in a wallet or purse. It’s very convenient for those frequent travelers who live in communities on the boarder of Mexico and Canada. The Cons are, it cannot be used for air travel. The Use is restricted for land and sea travel between the U.S. and Mexico, Canada, Caribbean and Bermuda.Immunization cards are also important when it comes to traveling abroad. Of course this will depend on the country you visit where immunizations records are necessary. Some places have certain diseases and so it’s best to protect yourself from the diseases in those locations. Most times if you and your children are current on routine vaccinations you’ll be fine, but for certain countries, will need immunizations for diseases such as yellow fever and Meningitis. Visit the government website or speak to your travel agent regarding immunizations required for your destination. Knowing this before hand can make or break or trip.You need to know what you can and cannot bring with you on board the airplane. Some countries frown upon certain items coming into their country while others refuse to allow certain articles to leave it. It’s always a good idea to check the rules and regulations of the country you are visiting. In doing so, you can avoid costly postage to ship items back and forth. The airports have requirements when it comes to having the correct size and weight of luggage. The charges for going over regulations can be outrageous. It’s in your best interest to check on what the rules and regulations to avoid any unnecessary charges.International travel can be somewhat expensive but with proper planning and budgeting, you can lower the cost considerably. Travel agencies are always offering some great deals during the non-busy season.These tips will serve to remind you of the different rules that must be adhered to, as well as help you be more prepared when traveling abroad. of the basic and do a lot of research and homework prior to you go, you’ll find out the requirements so you don’t have to pay penalties or lose issues because they didn’t meet the rules set up by the country or airport. Always do some research and homework on the places you are traveling to so you can be more prepared and avoid being penalized for not knowing the rules and customs of other countries.